Boycott NFLTo The NFL and Its Owners

To the NFL and its owners, it is quite apparent to me, and others that stand with Colin Kaepernick (Kap), that he is being blackballed for his publicized protest for the American National Anthem last year.  He felt of conscious to kneel during that time to raise awareness that American ideals were not representative for all.  That black people are all to often being brutalized and killed by some police in the streets without any recourse.  If you can blackball him, I can boycott the NFL.

History Of Needing To Protest

You look back at history and see the history of people of color in protest.  They needed to sit down, stand up, march, go to jail, face and speak out against hatred and racism.  Prominent figures throughout American history used methods of protest that weren’t agreeable as well, even if they were peaceful. These protest brought attention to very uncomfortable facts for a lot of people.  In a society that says we are equal when certain facts imply otherwise, no method of protest ever is acceptable.  Especially for those comfortable with the status quo.  How is this different?  Whether he stood, sat, raised fist, the issue is too many people comfortable with the status quo.

Get Comfortable

So, to the NFL and its owners, if certain issues make you uncomfortable, that it you deprive pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness to someone, I would say get use to protest!  You have every right to do what you are doing and I’m not denying you that.  However as a fan, I have a rights too. I am protesting by boycotting the product you provide.  I am also writing and sharing this post online for the world to consider something.  Are your actions to keep Kap from playing in the NFL simply talent driven or retaliatory for his protest?  I tend to think the later.  Quite a few others who are not me seem to believe that is well.  Are people delusional to draw this conclusion?  Can you not understand why people might draw this conclusion?

Don’t Try to Blame His Talent

Kap is 4 years removed, where he was at the helm, from a Super Bowl Championship, and one play away from winning.  What occurred was that his protest about police brutality became publicized and the NFL and sponsors didn’t like it.  You cannot put it on his performance and say he was the reason alone for the 49ers losing.  Over the years, the 49ers roster, coaching, and management has been decimated; plus, he didn’t play for large part of the season.

I have played and know enough about football, and the dearth of talent at QB, to know he deserves to be on a roster.  He should have been on roster prior to training camp competing for a job.  Yet, he remains unemployed, but I guess we are to believe that it has nothing at all to do with his highly publicized stance last year.  I don’t think this has anything to do with football and that is why I cannot let this slide.  It seems to me that the NFL owners are all either afraid of how they would be perceived or trying to send a message to players that if you have the audacity to take a stance counter to our interest, you will be blackballed.

I’ll Boycott the NFL

I equally have a message to the NFL and its owners, I don’t support even the perception of retaliation against a person; thus, I am doing what’s in my power which is to boycott your product.  Treating people fairly matters to me.  The issue of police brutality against black people or people in general matters to me.  Issues around mass incarceration and criminal justice reform matter to me to name a few others.  #IStandWithKap and against you because 1.) he is not being treated fairly, and 2.) because he has the guts to speak up about this issue.

I’m A Vet, No Disrespect

As a veteran, I feel more disrespected by the NFL’s reaction to Kap’s stance that you would bar him for the opportunity to compete. As you battle with how you deal with police brutality being on blast and players supposedly disrespecting the American flag’s symbolism, disagree.  It’s fine to disagree with the method he went about protesting, but this is a free country is it not?  You could equally put out a disclaimer that Kap’s stance doesn’t represent the NFL.  Although, I would say you do have alignment in values if you believe in building community because Kap’s website and actions seems to demonstrate he also fosters doing just that.

Black Lives Matter

It is of greatest importance to me that the NFL and it’s leadership act in manner that I know you take black lives seriously.  Although, I don’t have children myself, I have black nieces, nephews, friends and family who have children I care about.  I have a responsibility to them to stand up for them and protect them from injustice whether here or abroad.  So, I will not stand by and sit back while you blackball this man and do nothing.

Also, it is surprising to me that this issue doesn’t seem to be of concern to you as well.  African Americans comprise 75% of the players in your league.  They are more likely than their white counterparts to face police brutality.  The next black future NFL stars lives could be snuffed out by some police that do not respect black lives.

Taking Sides

The “We” in the title is not just for people of color, but for anyone who believes that we should speak out for justice and equality for all people.  We should speak up were we stand, regardless, to what echelon your are on or occupation you have, anytime leadership and our values become misplaced.  Isn’t this what CEO’s from 45’s Manufacturing Council did when he saw violence on both sides?  Don’t wars always have two sides?  The platform that the NFL has retaliated against Kap for using for the stance he has taken was there because the NFL took a political stance itself by taking $5.4 million dollars from the Department of Defense to honor the troops after 9/11.

I wonder how many other players feel with Kap but may be afraid of blacklash also if they speak up?  I have weaved this post with two topics; namely, Kap’s unemployment from a team being shady and the topic on which he took his stance about police brutality.  If you are saying it’s just a matter of his talent why he is not on a team? Why don’t more talented players continue to raise awareness to this injustice and to the issue of police brutality. Blacks and whites alike.

Call To Drew Brees

I call on Drew Brees, my hometown QB which I respect for you coming to New Orleans after Katrina.  You are a great player and advocate in the community.  The Saints believed in you and gave you a chance.  Also, I know you used to be player rep and executive in the players union.  You stated, “I will always be a strong voice and outspoken advocate for players…”  Leave aside the flag protest which I know you disagree with, but do you think Kap belongs in the NFL?  If so, use your voice and platform and reach out to other players alike to fight for his inclusion.

Drew, if you want me watching my Saints on September 10th, call on your comrades on the gridiron.  Use your sway to give credence to Kap’s right to employment.  That is one thing.  The other topic of police brutality, you mentioned it was different way in which you would go about it then Kap.  I would like to see how you would lead on this issue.  Perhaps you could speak with New Orleans Saints brass and have Kap take on your tutelage.  Directly as QB and on going about using his platform to speak out about police brutality.  I like that idea, how about you?

Where Are My White Brothers and Sisters

Dare I say, it’s going to take our white brothers and sisters to speak out as well.  Not just on police brutality, but other inequity issues as well that ails this society.  If you really feel that our racist past is in the past and that doesn’t represent what we are today as an inclusive society, then speak up.

However, Kap needs brothers in arms right now to fight back against the injustice the NFL is inflicting for what stemmed from his protest.  Slavery and Jim Crow lasted as long as it did in this country because a majority of whites were either not morally courageous or complicit with the status quo.  Let this not continue to be the history we bear out.  Stand with me and boycott the NFL to voice our displeasure with Kap’s not having employment for expressing free speech.

In Closing

The NFL’s leadership has aligned against this player for making a publicized stance to speak out about police brutality against black people.  This has meant the denial of opportunity for this brother to compete in the sport he is capable of doing.  Also, he hasn’t iterated he no longer has a desire to do.  I believe equally he is capable and being retaliated against due only to his protest.  That’s why I am boycotting the NFL to show I don’t support its stance.  I think there are social issues that need to be address by this society. If companies and organizations take stances don’t retaliate if individuals use that platform you set as well.  If you feel Kap hasn’t received a fair shake, share this blog and boycott the NFL.