Starting Out

When I started my blog, I started it initially on the free website Blogger under  Before investing a bunch of money, I wanted to test my passion and desire to do this in my free time.  I wasn’t sure whether I would have enough content to give or the desire to keep giving it.  However, I told myself, if midyear I’m still feeling like doing this, I would upgrade to my own website domain.  At June end, I am still at it and I feel like I still got a lot to give of quality content.  I can definitely say it’s of value if put into action.  As I practice what I preach, the value is evident in my own life.  I am willing to share that with you.

The Promise

As of July 4th, my blog has its own domain @ So redirects from my old blog will put you on this new website.  Please have patience as I get the look and feel up to par; however, I didn’t want to stop providing new content along the way.  Thus, don’t be alarmed if you may see references to or 404 errors that seem out of place.  I am working my way through old content and fixing as I have time.


While researching how to get more traffic to my blog on YouTube, I heard at about 60 post people normally give up.  They haven’t made money or been as successful as others they see who are doing this full-time, so they quit.  When I heard this, I thought, maybe I have  a chance to be a success at this because I had crossed a 100+ blog post by that time.  As I said before, I feel like I still got a lot more to  say that I think is beneficial.

My vision for this blog is share what I am learning and experiencing in subject areas pertaining to

  • Personal Finance
  • Investing
  • Green Living
  • Award Travel
  • Politics
  • and Life

I hope to disseminate any knowledge and experience I have gained in honest and forthright manner.  Do note that I try to support this blog through readership support using products and/or services I provide or that of affiliates.  I practice very much what I preach as I promote those products that I myself use.  If you decide it is compelling for you to as well as a result of something you read on my blog, then great.

Looking Forward

If you find the value here on my blog which enriches you mind and life, I’m happy.  I look forward to continuing to provide more of my fire and passion for writing content that means something to me.

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