The Color of People Affected

People of color, who are not white, have to a large degree been pigeonholed in American society whether you wish to acknowledge this or not.  While some cultural groups in this melting pot have, I would say kept their heads down as to not rattle the powers that be, Blacks  particularly have faced and continue to face injustice, prejudice, and oppression at an unprecedented level in the land of the so-called free.  Why I say this group predominately is quite simply by looking at the prison statistics that this group represent in them.  I quote, “Today people of color make up 37% of the US population but 67% of the prison population…”.  Some will contest it represents the fact that these are majorly the people  committing all the crimes in American society.   But are they?  Nah, nothing more than the powers that be to find justification to criminalize, victimize, and marginalize groups of people that scare them.  To hold us up and say it’s not us, it’s them.  How is it that America the just that holds itself to be one of the greatest nations on planet earth but manages to incriminate more of its own people than any other civilized nation, yet hold no fault?  

Unchanged Racism

Some naive people will like to think that we have made great inroads from America’s history of brutality and slavery, but capitalist white people in positions of power and influence psychology really hasn’t changed and we continue to have ingrained policy that justify systematized racism and economic inequality.   If so much progress from the past, why this great racial disparity in the statistics on those black and brown bodies that are in prison?  It is my opinion that the underbelly of racism on which this country was built is still very much alive and promoted to the continual marginalization of people deemed to be inferior and throw away by the powers that be of  American society.  I guess they (the marginalized) don’t embody the American virtues and values of whiteness.  

Whiteness Alone Not the Virtue It Once Was

Although, as of late the virtue of whiteness has come under pressure as whites are starting to see that white capitalist hold one thing higher than the whiteness they believes bonds them and that is money.  This long history of racist policy have contributed greatly to the ill plight of African Americans and their families and others of darker complexion.  So go ahead and justify our race makes no difference and cite we all have the things we need to overcome, yet when NAFTA, just one trade agreement, passed and left whites behind, we get Trump in office cause ya’ll are fed up.  Try 398 years of bad policy and ill will for Blacks.  So you cannot tell me that bad policy and its enforcement doesn’t make a difference in peoples lives and environment.

You Cause Others So Many Problems

So empathetic white people, I say white people, because let’s be real that is who have made the rules everyone else must play by, particularly those with political power and economic influence, see that you continue to create problems for everyone else and your denial that anything is wrong is a problem too as your continual belief we have all the same opportunity in the world to succeed in America just like you is based in your own reality.  When I, a man of a black skin color look across the landscape and survey the terrain, I see landmines, booby traps, and white man made obstacles at every turn which seem to want to drive this one conclusion of our perceived inferiority in comparison to you and it’s us and not you as to the reason for our poor condition.  

History Bullets

Yet, look at what has happened over American history to people not white

  • Heist of someone else land and brutality to its inhabitants
  • Slavery (for over 398 years and on-going)
  • Destruction of the Black family (by way of slavery)
  • Jim Crow – weaponized racism based on the segregation of people based color (now add to that religion and sexuality)
  • Racial inequality that led to lack of access to education, training, healthcare, and wealth building (especially if it doesn’t benefit the plans for the powers that be because that would be too much like right)
  • Criminalizing whatever was expedite at the time (like drugs and the war on drugs)
  • Mass Incarceration 
  • (Post Slavery) Destruction of the Black family(by way of drugs and imprisonment)
  • Police invasion and brutality 
  • Institutional racism
  • De-funding or lack of funding for public programs that would benefit people of color
  • Gentrification 
  • Gerrymandering
  • Voter suppression
  • Downright denial 
  • Wealth inequality

I Can Still Be Shot Down Without Justice

This is just to name a few that is readily available to my mind.  This is over 398 years of this shit.  So feed up is an understatement to the naysayers who don’t believe we have been the victimized, yet we are not supposed to complain or speak out, especially if we are doing quote/unquote well in this system.  As in this day and age of so-called equality, I would like to think I am emblematic of the values (college educated, law abiding, family oriented, hard working professional) professed by this society, yet the overseer, now called today the police, can one day perform a quote/unquote routine traffic stop which results in my (or others that look like me) death if I reach wrong for my registration and license because they fear for their life and then in the court of law get off for it being justified killing regardless to any video evidence to the contrary.  It is this along with these issues I mentioned above which make me know that this is still not a fair and equitable society by far for people of my color.  It is flat out a racism.  It is an overhang that has still not been stamped out!

The color of my skin can incriminate me and lead to scrutiny that the average white person would never face by the bully squad called police and in more cases across the country video taping of police brutality lead to so called justified killings, in which the victims get no justice whatsoever.  Even if I blend in into the American society, what gives me confidence that I’m free and accepted if Lebron James in all his greatness is still just a nigger to some of the people of this society, that if I’m stopped by police that I will be treated equitably and fairly as white counterparts?  As of late, nothing gives me confidence that that will be the case.

Immediate Remedies

I am not here trying to incite hatred of white people, to the contrary, there is enough ignorant racists mofos already, but I am just stating the facts as I see them and they haven’t been in our favor.  I know Black people have issues we must own and I will deal with them in continued post, but for now potential resolutions to issues that resulted from policy and ill will might be remedied by 

  • Forced integration of communities as it is far to easy for those with money to isolate themselves from other cultures and communities; thus, desensitizing to issues faced by other groups when separated
  • De-criminalize drugs and treat the condition as it is a medical issue
  • Release from prison non-violent offenders jailed for drug related crimes
  • Fund trade school from as early as high school and apprenticeship programs and give access to those out of prison and those in society access to them
  • Encourage co-op between corporations and underprivileged communities
  • Allow for community to have civilian boards to choose the officers which serve their communities
  • Give non-violent offenders back voter rights and others after released back into society
  • Have education reconciliation surrounding the history of slavery and effects towards people of color
  • Get rid of this white privilege 

In Closing

Enough is enough and I am tired of the injustice, scrutiny, the dismantling of our dignity and character in order to elevate yours.  We could be better if you stopped being the scared little white man enforcing your will on everyone else.  The statistics say it all.  It’s not all good in America and often it’s the case wherever you have been.

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